Email Marketing

One great way to stay connected with your clients and supporters is to use email marketing. My philosophy for a tool that is all too frequently considered spam, is that people will want to hear what you have to say, if you always say something they’re interested in hearing. By sending information that is relevant to their lives and interests, you will entice your subscribers to open, and hopefully act upon, the messages.

There are many email marketing services available. I’ve worked with many of them. Prices and features are pretty much the same from service to service. The differences are usually in manageability and usability from the administration point of view. If you are an organization with a small mailing list and/or infrequent mailings, you may qualify for one of the free services. These are perfectly respectable systems that can scale with you as your list grows.

Our many years of producing email marketing campaigns has given us insight into how to quickly deliver your messages to your readers, and then drive them to take action on what they have read. We produce mailings for both commercial and non-profit clients, and have been doing so for many years. To make the mailings more appealing, we utilize quality images, where possible. We can help you select stock images, review your library of images, and/or produce images for you.

Here are some examples of mailings we’ve done


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 Weekly newsletter to attendees of a Honolulu Jazzercise class


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Avio Vineyards  Promotional Announcement


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Kahala Pet Hospital Newsletter


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Skyline High School Reunion Campaign


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Waialae Iki Ridge Community Association Hurricane Preparedness “Alert”