The Advising Center at University of Hawaii Manoa

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I was approached to build this WordPress site after the College of Arts & Sciences went through a reorganization. The Advising Center (formerly CASSAS) is now focusing their advising on the Colleges of Arts & Humanities, and Languages, Linguistics & Literature. The original site contained a lot of now obsolete information, and was (in their words) poorly organized and ugly. To be fair, it was a site jam packed with information which needed to be updated and organized. It also needed to be dressed-up a bit.

We went from dozens of wordy pages to, admittedly, still dozens of page now formatted to be more organized, readable and attractive. We used toggle and tab elements heavily to compact text heavy pages. We collected images from several of the departments departments served by The Advising Center, to add some color to the pages. The University’s font and color standards were also implemented.

There are several videos that were hosted on the original site. We set up a YouTube Channel so that we could host those very large files somewhere outside the UH data center. This saved us storage space on the server, and helped the video files play more reliably. We did some minor edits to the videos to clean up starts and endings a bit. As part of setting up the YouTube account, we also included a Google+ page for the department.

Staff members pitched in to update content and do some of the work setting up the new site. They are very happy with the results and are continuing to refine and improve the site content.

Visit the site…

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