Website Development Price List

Basic WordPress Site

The basic package only includes the functionality found within WordPress and the template’s options.
(See the price list at the bottom of this page for some of the additional items that can be negotiated into the site development fee, or added at the rates quoted during or after the development period.)

  • 1 Meeting to define site requirements: Design and functionality
  • Assist with purchase of domain name and website hosting plans
  • Site setup:
    • I use the Avada Theme Template. It is highly flexible and will achieve the look you want. The price will increase if you specify a different theme.
    • Select site layout design from the theme options
    • Review and assign template options, including use of portfolios, testimonials, sliders and other template features
    • Set WordPress basic options
    • Install plugins required for basic site functionality (form generator, social media links, navigation aids, spam control etc.) This does not include calendars and enhanced functionality.
    • Create a keyword list based on client assumptions and Google Analytics findings
  • Create up to 10 pages and/or 10 posts – maximum 20
  • Define and map site navigation: Main Menu, 1 Sidebar Menu, 1 Footer Menu
  • Social Media Links
  • Set up a simple portfolio structure up to 20 items
  • Advise on best practices for written content: Web readability and SEO
  • Upload all images and documents (client to provide)
  • Link text and images where needed: Client to supply links to outside content
  • Create 1 Contact Form (e.g. name, email, phone, message)
  • Review and enhance SEO
  • Site “Launch”
  • Warranty on existing content for 30 days post-launch. This covers bugs and tweaks. It does not cover new functionality.
  • Training materials – written and video tutorials

$3,500 – price includes template and plugin purchases. It does not include domain registry and website hosting plans

Enhanced Wordpress Features and Functionality

These items will enhance your site functionality or add to the basics

  • Add pages/posts beyond the basic package – $10.00 per page or post (client provides content)
  • Enhanced portfolio capabilities (above 20 items) – ask for quote
  • Additional Menus (if your site template allows) $10.00 per menu
  • Additional single plugin purchase and setup – price depends on cost of plugin and complexity of configuration
  • Add a calendar to your site – $150.00
    • Install plugin and set options
    • Create up to 10 events
  • Add eCommerce (WooCommerce) to your site – $350.00 and up
  • Additional custom graphics start at $25.00 per image – actual price will depend on complexity
  • Additional Forms start at $10.00 per form – actual price will depend on complexity
  • Add social media functionality to you site (BuddyPress) – $150.00 and up
  • Database development and implementation – request quote
  • Database management – request quote
  • Website management and support – $55.00/hour
  • Advanced IT support for managing your hosting, cleaning up hacked sites, etc. This service is only available to existing clients. – $150.00/hour